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    Select REVIV Flagship locations (REVIV+) are now offering COVID-19 testing and diagnostic blood screening services so that you can take control of your health and make the lifestyle choices that are right for you.

    Stay informed about your wellbeing, track the progress of your personalized regimen, and utilize the results to make real-time decisions with our team of preventative health specialists.

    Your wellbeing has no borders and through our global network of over 90 clinics in 40 countries, we offer you the consistency of high-quality diagnostics for preventative health.

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    “I get asked all the time why preventive medicine is important. The core objective for this way of practising medicine is to keep you healthy and limit the impact of disease throughout your life. Part of our strategy, for disease prevention, is to identify issues with the body early. This is why having your bloods taken regularly, throughout the year, offers effective health surveillance and allows our doctors to pick up any abnormalities early. Early intervention always corresponds to the best outcomes. Let us be proactive and not reactive where our health is concerned.”

    Dr. Michael Barnish, Medical Director, REVIV Global

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    Take Control of Your Health

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