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    Discover the life-changing power of REVIV Genetics, the most accurate and insightful DNA test available today.

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    Start your nutritional journey today and immerse yourself into a healthier lifestyle with a revolutionary package personalized to you.




    Understand how your genetics influence ageing and the simple steps you can take to stay looking forever young, all with a simple DNA test.

    Sports & Nutrition


    Reach your peak by understanding your body’s response to exercise and the optimum fuel and rest your body needs to maximize performance.

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    Beauty, Weight & Nutrition


    The secret to looking young is in your DNA. Discover the role of your genetics in maintaining your youthful looks and your ideal weight.

    Health, Weight & Nutrition


    Discover how a simple DNA test can help to measure your genetic risk of serious illness and how your nutrition can help avoid onset.

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    How it works

    Collect DNA sample
    Send to lab for analysis
    Receive personalized report

    Why REVIV?

    REVIV Genetics is the most accurate DNA testing available today at 99.97%.

    We’re also the only company to provide a personal follow-up consultation to make sure you get the most from your results.

    Worried about your privacy? Don’t be. All DNA samples are destroyed, all results are kept on secure encrypted servers and, most importantly, we don’t sell any data to third parties.

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    What is Lifestyle Genetics?

    Learn more about lifestyle genetics and what your genes can tell you.


    What Our Tests Can Reveal For You

    REVIV offers 5 distinct genetic analysis covering profiles in Nutrition, Beauty, Weight, Sports, and Health. The journey is simple. Order the tests online at Shop REVIV or directly through our Flagship wellness clinics. Once you receive your test kit, collect your DNA sample via non-invasive mouth swabs and follow the instructions. You will receive your results within weeks.


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