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    Royal Flush

    Push your boundaries and experience a life beyond limits with the help of the Royal Flush deluxe IV therapy. The ultimate IV drip experience, Royal Flush combines the elements of Ultraviv, Megaboost and Vitaglow into a single therapy that is designed to supercharge recovery and maximize your wellness.

    Whether you need a pick me up following a party, are looking to combat the effects of travel, or just want to be the best version of you, our deluxe IV therapy is the right choice for you. This comprehensive therapy works to rehydrate, boost energy, decrease inflammation, relieve pain and nausea, cleanse vital organs, detoxify your body and REVIV you.

    Give your body a boost, cleanse your organs and replenish essential minerals and vitamins with our deluxe IV therapy. Enjoy maximum wellness, recovery and detoxification with our all-in-one wellness and recovery IV therapy the Royal Flush.

    Price: 689 BGN

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